Paul Davis says Nalcor were “Talented” in planning Muskrat Falls.

MS. COADY: Thank you, Mr. Speaker.

I am not a geotechnical engineer, and we have a very skilled workforce in Muskrat Falls actually doing the work. We have brought in SNC-Lavalin as well as Hatch, who are geotechnical engineers, who are reviewing and working on the site at present time.

Mr. Speaker, I would say that if the Muskrat Falls Project had been well managed from the beginning we wouldn’t be this far behind in the project, nor would we have the enormous costs we have with Muskrat Falls.

MR. SPEAKER: The hon. the Leader of the Opposition.

MR. P. DAVIS: Thank you, Mr. Speaker.

It almost sounds like she hasn’t been to Muskrat Falls. And the talented work –

MR. P. DAVIS: Well, she never answered the question, I say to Members opposite. She never answered a very simple question. The talented workforce that works at Nalcor is the same talented workforce that did the project when we were in government too, I say to the minister opposite.S

MR. P. DAVIS: So I’ll ask the minister again: What steps are being taken to minimize the concerns and the potential for significant damage to the infrastructure at Muskrat Falls?

Paul Davis, MHA Topsail – Paradise, December 5th, 2016